One Day You Will Miss Me I


Winner of the Erste Bank Art Recognition Award, 2018

Collected by The City of Vienna

Research fundings by
Das Land Steiermark, Abteilung Kultur, Europa, Außenbeziehungen / Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Abteilung II/6

Exhibition views:
One Day You Will Miss Me, solo exhibition, Podroom Gallery, Belgrade, 2022
One Day You Will Miss Me is an ongoing project that, since 2017, visually documents and analyses the construction of the luxury district „Belgrade Waterfront“ in the Serbian capital by the Sava river –one of the biggest real estate projects in Europe today. This district development project has been transforming the Savamala district with the waterfront area and its old harbour, central train station and residential areas, and the entire urban landscape of the capital city since 2015. The project comprises 1.8 km2 of hundreds of apartments in iconic towers, the largest shopping mall in southeastern Europe and the new landmark of Belgrade - a 168-meter high glass tower on the banks of the Sava river.
The project is being managed by the Serbian government and implemented with the help of Abu Dhabi-based private investor Eagle Hills. The controversy about it is, among other things, that the Serbian government approved it without a public call for an architecture competition or a citizen referendum.
In two project phases, Julia Gaisbacher captures in her half-yearly visits since 2017, these changes through the medium of video and photography. Besides this documentation, her visits included meetings and talks with residents, artists, curators and activists.


The first project phase depicts the urban and social conditions of the city of Belgrade in a b/w photo series and videos at a time when the first residential towers of Belgrade Waterfront were built and later on completed. The documentation is centred on the idea of a foreigner‘s perception, using the towers as reference points to navigate through the city. With these urban portraits Gaisbacher documents and examines social and economic processes within the city’s fabric.

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