We Come Together

2021, 7-part series with 7 texts, video sequence, ready made (bench)

Comissioned work for the exhibition "What Will Be - Towards a Plurality of Futures", Kunsthaus Graz, as part of SHOWING STYRIA, 2021
Curated by Barbara Steiner, Katrin Bucher Trantow and Martin Grabner

Theoretical/artistic advice: Gerardo Montes de Oca Valadez

Exhibition views: Kunsthaus Graz, 2021, photos by Martin Grabner

For the commissioned series "We Come Together" Julia Gaisbacher spent several weeks in Styria's Mürztal in the village of Stanz (AT) and observed spatial manifestations of a political process. Since 2015 a successfully realized citizens initiative works on community-based projects to vitalize the village and to directly react on the needs of its citizens apart from conventional party politics. Julia Gaisbacher has been in exchange with citizens about completed and future plans. In her series she formulates an aesthetic approach, in which she blends documentations, plans and results of this process. Within the exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz Julia Gaisbacher presents 7 photographs and accompanying texts as well as 28 video sequences and a "ready made" carpooling bench from the town. (Anna Resch, Sebastian Jobst)