Room Nr. 121-136

2014, 17 pieces series, each 70 x 100 cm, c-print

Developed for the solo exhibition Zi 121-136, City Hall Graz, invited/organised by Kulturvermittlung Steiermark, 2014

Awarded with the Promotion Prize for Photography of the City of Graz, 2016
Transparency and accountable state dealings have long been part and parcel of political rhetoric. These days, official processes are oriented toward service and the citizen, but still the cliché of the rejection-happy bureaucrat persists.
With a keyhole-shaped template framing the lens, Julia Gaisbacher lures viewers of the series “Room Nr.  121-136” into exactly these stereotypical expectations. As if this clandestine gaze might uncover the dark secrets of Graz city hall officials – or even the vices literature alleges they have.