Archive Theleman Alley 4

2015, each 15 x 18 cm, direct printing on glass, 5-pieces series

Developed for the exhibition
Have you seen our house?, art space Mo.e, Thelemanngasse 4, Wien, 2015

In archive systems, time freezes into a categorically logged subject. An early technical imaging procedure, cyanotype proved a significant advancement in objective logging of the world. Over the years, more precise cameras, telescopes and microscopes have offered increasingly concrete insight into nature.
Categorization looks for regularity in nature – in the same way, Archive Theleman Alley 4 provides a documentary of an urban transformation process. The paradox of contemporary urban development is exemplified via property. Municipality support of neglect and the economic interests of private property owners go hand in hand. Conflicts arise from the new appeal. Julia Gaisbacher captures plant life in the aesthetics of cyanotype like in the medium’s early days – here, moss and leaves on a glass roof, signs of property decay.