16 x 260 cm, b/w print on Paper (120g), Ed 30
16 x 204 cm, Lambda-Print

The leporello-edition is represented by the Gallery and the editions
The building shell separates the private living and common urban spaces. Both realms have a reciprocal effect on one another‘s appearance. This appearance is adapted by residents to individual needs and bears the traces of urban transformations.

Julia Gaisbacher‘s series „Acaciapark“ depicts a snapshot of an anonymous street in Belgium immediately before the municipality‘s redevelopment. In the formal tradition of Ed Rusha‘s „Every Building on the Sunset Strip“ (1966), Julia Gaisbacher does not depict an iconic street scene, a destination of collective longing. Instead, she confronts allusions to art history with suburban banality. The series lays no claim to documentary factuality but rather, through its cutout-like fragmentation, highlights the construction of the subject. Thus, the series succeeds in anticipating the staging of the urban image via redevelopment while simultaneously addressing the impossibility of an objectively documentary perspective.