The Party

2014, 2 pieces series, variable sizes, c-print

In collaboration with Paul Bauer

Commissioned for an exhibition at smallest gallery, Graz (AT)

Exhibition view: <rotor> - Center for Contemporary Art, Graz (AT), 2020
The focus for the piece for the exhibition at the smallest gallery lay for Julia Gaisbacher and Paul Bauer on the split-level house settlement in Graz/St. Peter where both artists grew up.
The theme of returning to Austria after years abroad as well as memories of a shared childhood resulted in a new and artistic view of the residential complex of the architects Werkgruppe Graz, which was built in the 1970s – illuminating, on the one hand, the striking architectural character of the complex, and on the other hand attempting to capture the social components present there.
This visually striking housing complex is divided vertically into seven-storey split-level houses. All building blocks are joined with a pedestrian passage, and the flats are accessible by weather-proof stairwells and elevators. The resulting possibilities for movement within the complex and associated childhood memories of shared parties and flea markets in the communal yard induced the artists to stage a (public) party on 10 May 2014 on the communal terrace in Block 31. The photograph from the event shows, outside the party, an architecture devoid of people – only the balloons and party guests stand out from it.

(Exhibition text, the smallest gallery, Graz, 2014)