2020, 56-part series, projection
2023, video, loop

Video sequence and design by Fernando Gallegos, 2023

Commissioned work for the exhibition Who We Are at the Mobile Pavilion, 2021
Curated by Astrid Kury

Exhibition views by Christopher Mavric, 2021

Collected by
The City of Graz (AT)

In a 56-part series, Graz-Vienna shows the landscape between the two Austrian cities of Graz and Vienna in all its facets, which has developed under the influence of the railway line since the 19th century. Among them are industrial areas, river landscapes, allotment gardens, forests, towns and pastures. The constant pictorial element is the train window that frames the passing landscape.

“Julia Gaisbacher‘s contribution for the panorama of the Mobile Pavilion of SHOWING STYRIA consists of landscape photographs along the train route Graz-Vienna. The Vienna-Trieste connection via Graz, established with today‘s World Heritage Semmering Railway, was essential for the development of Styria. It is also an emotional connecting line in the lives of many people. Landscape painting in art begins with the view from the window. Here, the window views allow for close observation. The images from the moving train, a surprisingly green ensemble of everyday landscapes, are arranged chronologically in two rows so that one can trace the train route, as it were.” (Astrid Kury, 2020)

Julia Gaisbacher from BILDERMEHR on Vimeo.