Mapping Split 3

2022, 70-piece images presented as a 40min video-sequence, map

The video sequence was realised in collaboration with Fernando Gallegos (layout, sequence). 

Funded by the Province of Styria as part of the AIR program, 2021

The map of Split 3 on display is an integral part of the proceedings of the manifestation "50 Years of Split 3 - Streets, Neighbourhoods, Inhabitants", Editors: Višnja Kukoč and Jelena Borota, Design: Marko Borota, Publisher: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Split, 2018.

Exhibition view: Neue Galerie, Graz (AT), 2022, curated by Günther Holler-Schuster photo: Universalmuseum Joanneum/N. Lackner

While searching for structuralist architecture in former Yugoslavia, artist Julia Gaisbacher encountered the Split 3 housing complex in Split/Croatia, a multifaceted  sociological as well as social field of research, which she made the focus of one of her artistic projects. The architecture, the infrastructure, the life and the people on site were her preferred interest. She discovered an analogy to the Terrassenhaussiedlung in the St. Peter district of Graz, where she grew up.
With her processual way of working, Gaisbacher recorded the status quo of Split 3 and processed it in a photographic way in Mapping Split 3. In doing so, the artist approached the architecture through recurring visits and dealt with the life on site.
(Excerpt from the catalog "Kunstraum Steiermark 2022", Neue Galerie Graz)