Hanne Darboven: Am Burgberg 

2022 - 2023

38-piece series, each 30x40cm, framed

Funded by
Liebelt Stiftung Hamburg (DE)

Steiner Stiftung München (DE) The Austrian Federal Chancellery (AT) Kunstraum München (DE)
The Province of Styria (AT)

In collaboration with
Gallery Sprüth Magers
Hanne Darboven Foundation

Exhibition views:
Kunstraum München, Munich (DE) by Julia Gaisbacher & Thomas Splett 

In the 1960s, Hanne Darboven (1941–2009) founded Conceptual Art with her artist friends. Within this context, she developed her own unique methods for representing time measurements – days, months, years or even a century.

The pieces by Julia Gaisbacher are dedicated to the specific location of this artistic practice: a cluster of buildings south of Hamburg, known as Am Burgberg. The central structure is the studio building that Darboven designed herself, embedded in a historic homestead, which has expanded into a type of treasure trove over the decades.
The two new pieces are the result of on-site research in Hamburg-Harburg between 2022-2023 and were produced for the dialogue exhibition at Kunstraum München in 2023. Julia Gaisbacher has approached Hanne Darboven’s home with photographic and cinematic methods and conducted interviews with various companions for this artistic research.
The photographic work comprises 36 panels with 328 images from Julia Gaisbacher‘s photographic archive, which she created in Hanne Darboven‘s house. At the same time, the work and the chosen method of presentation are a dialogue with and homage to Hanne Darboven.

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