One Day You Will Miss Me II


Winner of the Erste Bank Art Recognition Award, 2018

Research fundings by Grenzgänger, Robert Bosch Stiftung & Literarisches Colloquium Berlin / Das Land Steiermark, Abteilung Kultur, Europa, Außenbeziehungen / Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Abteilung II/6

Exhibition view:
solo exhibition at Galerija VN, Zagreb (HR), 2023
Since 2017, I visually document and analyze the construction of the luxury district „Belgrade Waterfront“ in Belgrade by the Sava river.
In a first phase I worked on depicting the urban and social conditions of the city of Belgrade in photo, video and interviews. The documentation is centered in the idea of the perception of a foreigner, using the first towers of the Waterfront as reference points to navigate myself through the city. In the second and third phase of the project I took a step closer to the construction site and its impact on the daily life of Belgrade’s people. From this perspective, I focus on the discrepancies and tensions between the realities of everyday life and the glossy desirable scenarios on the billboards.
I am interested in using the digital image files as raw material and in experimenting with printing processes, support materials and, ultimately, installations. This allows me to combine two dimensional images with three-dimensional objects. Depending on the project theme, I use materials that I come across during the research and that relate to the theme, place, or time. For “One Day You Will Miss Me” I used large scale prints on vinyl canvases that I mounted on walls and construction-site fences in the exhibition space alongside other photographic series and videos. This was to reference the hundreds of Eagle Hills’ advertisement banners on billboards and fences that covered the whole city and, in particular, the construction site itself. In that way, I used the marketing and representational strategies, and its materiality, of the company for my work.

As part of the second phase, I reenacted details of the rendered interior design, in form of still-lifes, from these billboards to point to the constructed desires of the new privatized space and in which way a good, and at the end, homogenized happy life has to look like.

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