One Day You Will Miss Me III


Winner of the Erste Bank Art Recognition Award, 2018

Research fundings by Grenzgänger, Robert Bosch Stiftung & Literarisches Colloquium Berlin / Das Land Steiermark, Abteilung Kultur, Europa, Außenbeziehungen / Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Abteilung II/6

Since 2017, I visually document and analyze the construction of the luxury district „Belgrade Waterfront“ in Belgrade by the Sava river.
In a first phase I worked on depicting the urban and social conditions of the city of Belgrade in photo, video and interviews. The documentation is centered in the idea of the perception of a foreigner, using the first towers as reference points to navigate myself through the city. In the second and third phase of the project I took a step closer to the construction site and its impact on the daily life of Belgrade’s people. From this perspective, I focus on the discrepancies and tensions between the realities of everyday life and the glossy desirable scenarios on the billboards.

As part of the second phase, I reenacted details of the rendered interior design, in form of still-lifes, from these billboards to point to the constructed desires of the new privatized space and in which way a good, and at the end, homogenized happy life has to look like.

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