My Dreamhouse is not a House (Dummy)

release 2022

Designed by Alejandro Cartagena and Fernando Gallegos
publishing press the velvet cell

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Julia Gaisbacher’s work “My Dreamhouse is not a House”, deals with two very early examples of participatory social housing in Austria by architect Eilfried Huth from the 1970s. Huth provided a form of collaboration where architects and future residents could meet on equal terms. The results were single, occupant-designed homes within residential blocks where no two houses looked the same. This was one of the pioneering publicly funded housing projects involving the residents in the planning process, apart from the privately financed market in Austria.
Within the years 2017-2020 Julia Gaisbacher approached the two projects “Eschensiedlung” and “Gerlitzgründe” through photography, archive material, texts and a documentary film, addressing the residents’ relationships to the projects over the last 45 years. Her work constitutes a contemporary document of the potentially positive impact of architecture on social structures.